Trump is desperately trying to wash his hands off indictments

On Monday morning former Trump presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted on charges of money laundering and filing false foreign lobbying reports, among other counts. Donald Trump is trying to blame all this on Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democratic party.

Trump hired Manafort in the spring of 2016 as he was working to beat back what was, at the time, seen as a likely delegate fight with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention.

Manafort had two things that Trump needed: A knowledge of establishment Washington and a willingness to work for Trump. (Lots and lots of establishment Washington types -- even back then -- wouldn't go within a country mile of Trump's campaign.)

Manafort also had long been someone with a demonstrated willingness to work for controversial/authoritarian foreign leaders and businessmen with questionable pasts -- most notably with his involvement in Ukraine, where he represented pro-Russian interests.

No one -- and I mean no one -- in political Washington didn't know that about Manafort. Which leads to one of two conclusions about Trump (neither of which are a terrible good look):

1) He knew about Manafort's sketchy past and didn't care -- or thought it was not a big deal

2) He didn't know about Manafort's sketchy past.

I'm not sure which one reflects more poorly on Trump. In the first scenario, he's willing to overlook what had to be doubts raised by his advisers about the issues of bringing Manafort on in such a senior role. In the second, Trump simply didn't do the research necessary when hiring someone at such a senior level.

Either way, the Manafort indictment -- along with that of Rick Gates, a Manafort protege who served as liaison between even the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee even after Manafort was fired in August 2016 -- raises real questions about Trump's judgment in regards staffing at the highest levels of not just his campaign but the federal government.

so in order to distract and divert his base, Trump tweeted this so far:

President Donald Trump is a nutjob Trump's distraction Trump diverting blame Trump accusing Obama and Hillary Clinton Trump Russia collusion Trump knew about Manafort Manafort and Gates indictment