Watch this video and make this racist pay for her vile anti-Black rant

Meet white supremacist Harley Barber, a University of Alabama Alpha Phi Member from New Jersey. She goes on a vile anti-Black rant with her fellow white supremacists' girlfriends giggling in the background.

This is Harley Barber. Harley Barber is AΦ and thinks that she can throw around the N word and not be held accountable for her actions. Let’s prove her wrong. Racism and Bigotry will not and can not be tolerated. Period.

If you are interested in actively making a positive change at the University of Alabama. Please file a complaint using the contact info listed below:

Dr Kat Gillian

  • Director of Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life 


Kathleen Duffy

Assistand Director (Panhellenic & Greek Ambassador


Julie Elmore

Manager of Greek Housing & Properties


Dr Stuart R. Bell

President of the University of Alabama


2. The video of Harley Barber on a vile anti-Black rant

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